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What Is An SEO Consultancy And How Can You Improve Your Positioning?

Do you know what an Affordable SEO agency For Small Business is ? The organic positioning or SEO , is one of the great traffic generators of a web page. If you work correctly you will attract a greater number of interested visitors or qualified leads which can translate into increased sales.
GlamySEO site must be able to offer a solution adapted to the business in question.

To appear in the first search results, it is necessary to work constantly on the positioning of the web while being aware of the most advanced techniques and knowing in detail the latest changes or updates of the Google algorithm. There are many cases of online business in which SEO techniques have been working for a long time that have ceased to be effective.

With the passage of time, the search engine has been refining its methods of web page classification and in many cases what was once effective now is not. The following graph of Semush shows a case that we have found in which, during the last six months, the page has suffered a progressive loss of positioning:

If you are interested in affordable SEO expert, surely this post about “SEO Consultant” in which we talk about the rates, what it does and other features can also come in handy.

If you have also seen your ranking drop after the last Google algorithm change or have worked on SEO techniques that are no longer effective, do not worry, read on! In this article I tell you what it is for, what it consists of and the benefits that you can obtain from a SEO positioning study.

What Is An Seo Consulting?

An SEO consultancy is a service aimed at companies that want to reorient their web positioning strategies or that simply have a specific need on the web page for which they need the advice of an external consultancy or agency.

This service is based on a deep analysis of both the external environment and the website itself, which allows us to offer a personalized plan with the steps and guidelines to follow for the correct optimization of the page.

In What Cases Is A Web Positioning Consultancy Necessary?

A study of SEO positioning, as mentioned above, is aimed at online businesses that want to reorient their SEO strategy or to companies that have a specific need on the website. Therefore, what are the main reasons for requesting an SEO consultancy? I list them below:

Loss of positioning or traffic drop: This is a very common situation even in companies that have their own SEO department. In the face of a sudden loss of positioning or the cessation of the effectiveness of a strategy that has been implemented for a long time, many companies seek in this service a solution that allows them to reappear in first search positions. The advantage of this type of service is that it analyzes the situation, the available resources and provides a solution adapted to each situation or environment. It is essential to carry out this process to know the starting point of the website to position. Through a web positioning consultancy we will determine what is the cause of the loss of positioning.

When a company requests a affordable SEO consultant, as mentioned above, it may be because the team in charge lacks the necessary experience or the “know how” to carry out a specific action. The most commons are:

Large Migrations Of Web Pages : This is an extremely delicate process. Any change that we introduce in a url direction can compromise its positioning or result in a loss of organic traffic. Through an SEO consulting service we will minimize these risks.

Redesign Of The Web Architecture : Before changing the web structure, it is convenient to carry out a series of studies such as usability in order to determine the levels of depth that the page must have in order to offer a structured and organized content to the user and be optimized for the search engines. This process also determines the keywords that will be worked on the page and that will attract future users.

Change Of The Cms : Through a web positioning consultancy we will obtain the necessary information to make the most appropriate decision. There are managers that are better optimized for the search engine or that offer more possibilities. For this reason it is advisable to have the advice of an SEO agency.

Penalties : Penalties, whether manual or algorithmic (loss of positioning or traffic), are largely due to the use of improper practices or ignorance of their correct use. An SEO consultancy will determine the causes of this possible penalty and the steps to follow.

How To Carry Out A Web Positioning Consultancy

If we want to detect what makes us fail to show in the Top 3 of Google is necessary to carry out a comprehensive analysis that includes the following processes:

Web Traffic Analysis

A SEO professional is able to determine what type of traffic a web page is generating after its analysis. Many pages receive thousands and even millions of daily visitors that however do not convert. By means of a web positioning study, it must be determined whether or not this is the most appropriate type of visitor for the business and if it is not, why. This may be due to a wrong content strategy. That is, you may be working with keywords with a large volume of searches but lacking interest or a very low CPC. This or any other reason that is hindering the generation of qualified leads will be determined in an SEO consultancy.

Seo Audit In An Organic Positioning affordable SEO Company

Some companies that use SEO techniques such as link building wonder why they do not benefit from their positioning. And, after analyzing your link profile, we find that they do have numerous reference domains pointing to your page and that these are quality, but they are not positioning as they should.

The SEO on page is as important as the SEO off page. Therefore, an SEO audit can give us the keys to what is failing in our SEO strategy. Through this study we will find the errors and improvements to be implemented at the on page level or inside our website.

It is fundamental in this process, to analyze the web architecture, to determine the keywords that are being worked on and for which we are interested in positioning ourselves, etc.

Optimization Of Web Architecture In An Seo Consultancy

As mentioned earlier this is one of the main tasks that is carried out in an SEO consultancy. The correct organization of the information must be determined in such a way that it benefits both the user and the positioning.

Audit Backlinks For An Seo Consultancy

It is also necessary to determine if a correct SEO off page strategy has been carried out or how it can be improved. At this point we analyze the quality of the link profile, its toxicity, the percentage of brand anchor or keyword used. The list of links follow / nofollow, etc. For this, it is also convenient to carry out a study of the seo off page strategy carried out by the main competitors.

Web Analytics To Measure The Impact Of A SEO Positioning Consultancy

It is as important to redefine our SEO strategy as to measure the impact of the actions that will be implemented. For this we need SEO tools such as Analytics or Semrush capable of measuring the user’s response to our various improvements or the change of the organic position of the keywords of our business. This tool is also useful to analyze the reception that content has among our users or to determine the most important traffic acquisition channel for the page.

Factors To Take Into Account When Choosing An SEO Consultancy:

When you hire a natural positioning consultancy service, you must make sure that the team in charge of your project has the following knowledge:

Market Research Is A Fundamental Part Of Seo Consulting

In order to offer a quality service it is convenient that the team is able to analyze the sector correctly, find out what may interest the users or customers, that is, in what way they can satisfy their needs or demands. In addition, the SEO consultant must be able to identify the most important keywords in the sector, analyze the strategy of the main competitors and not only be able to replicate it, but to improve it.

Knowledge About The Most Advanced Positioning Techniques

The team in charge of implementing the actions determined in a web positioning consultancy, must be aware of the operation of the search engines to be able to advise correctly. Must possess technical SEO knowledge.

Notions Of Programming And Usability To Guide Seo Consulting

It is not necessary for this process to be carried out by a programmer, however, if the SEO consultant does not have the necessary knowledge in this area, he will be a bit limited in transmitting correctly the changes and improvements of the website to the programmer .

Analytical Mind To Offer Quality Seo Consulting

It is necessary to have good technical SEO bases, however, they are useless if you are not able to interpret the data. An SEO consultant faces new situations every day and should be able to find opportunities.

And You Do You Need An Seo Consultancy?

Although you have notions of web positioning or programming, in Neo Attack we advocate the hiring of a quality SEO agency that can offer you a quality solution adapted to your resources and needs.

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