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Video Production And Streaming

In our days we can not talk about events in an isolated way. We live in a globalized world that allows niche audiences to access their favorite content instantly and smoothly.

Our priority is to create live events that last despite their completion and that extend beyond the place where they are produced. We take care of our video and streaming production : The first one is one of the best communication tools and thanks to the second you can get close to any part of the world and, best of all, without losing the magic of live.

We make any type of video, from corporate videos for business communication, product, through making of, advertising spots, courses, training. Our work encompasses all facets of production, from conception to final viewing: script and breakdown of production, runway, work plan, organization and contribution of technical equipment and material, recording and finally assembly. We always maintain the highest quality with the possibility of downloading on the client’s website, distribution DVD or streaming broadcast.

We have our  own editing rooms, prepared for all the video standards that are used in the sector. We work with professional programs of linear editing, as well as with post-production software and color correction.

We facilitate the communication of your live through streaming, regardless of the complexity of the performance, whether it is a recording with a single camera or multi-camera. We offer you versatile connectivity equipment and great viewing quality.

Video Production Services

Advertising Spots:  we have a high level of planning to create videos and finish your production with cinematographic concept.

Corporate Videos:  Aimed at companies that want to show the production process, the technology used, the range of products and their advantages

Video Of Products:  The objective is to present the benefits of a product. They show their characteristics, advantages, manufacturing process.

Documentary:  The expression of an aspect of reality, shown in audiovisual format.

Video Clips: Short film made mainly for music videos.

Motion Graphics / 2d And 3d Animation:  We use different animation techniques to create an audiovisual piece with unique style for your brand. I chose between short videos, cinemagraphs, canvas, Gif, digital and TV banners, etc.

Interviews And Testimonies:  Recording and editing of interviews for managers, company personnel, etc.

Event Coverage:  For your event we make a high quality audiovisual record, we capture the best moments of your activation in photo and video.

Closed Circuit And Live Transmission:  Our Integral Streaming service for live broadcasting through the internet (Live Streaming) provides a comprehensive and simple solution, providing online viewers with the same experience as in-person attendees. We take care of all the production to broadcast your event live: filming, live broadcast, platform for integrated broadcast with YouTube and or Facebook.

Tomas Areas: We offer audiovisual recording from the air with Drones or radio-controlled helicopters for the realization of aerial photographs and videos, all in high definition. This service is ideal for: advertising campaigns, event coverage, land analysis, works monitoring, panoramic views, among an infinity of uses.

Production For International Media:  We offer our service to agencies and brands that wish to produce at better cost and high quality in Nicaragua.

Our Video Services For Companies

Corporate Film – Corporate

This is the video format that shows your company activities. It’s a great way to introduce yourself to new customers and promote yourself on different digital channels.

It is especially the ideal channel to make pass of the emotion and to add this small supplement of soul to your communication.

Some Examples Of Possible Diffusion

•     Own website

•     Video platforms

•     Emailing

•     Social networks (Linkedin, Facebook)

•     Conferences, fairs and exhibitions

•     Ipad, smartphone of your representatives

Product Video – Service

This is the ideal format to stage your new product or service. A good way to present for example a complex product, or not easily transportable to your prospects. A short video of one minute will allow you to focus on your sale rather than the complex explanation of your product or service.

Channels Of Diffusion:

•     Own website on the product / service page

•     Video platforms

•     Social networks

•     Digital tablets and smartphones from your sales force.

Corporate Web Series:

The corporate web series is a format that allows you to create regularity and expectation from your customers in your communication. It is also a good way to animate your different digital broadcasting channels.

A web series must have an editorial line and a defined framework, but it can tell your business. The episodes will have for themes for example:

•     Your most beautiful achievements

•     Interviews with your employees

•     Presentation of the different departments

•     The progress of a project

•     Storytelling of your business.

Advantages :

•     Communicate regularly

•     Create a wait (Next episode)

•     Keep your customers loyal

•     Make the soft pub (Placement product, interview)

Interview Movie:

It’s a corporate movie format, when you interview one or more people in your company. The subject could be a new service, a know-how, a product. The objective is to humanize your communication and your customer can “put a face” on his interlocutor.

Animation Movie – Motion Design:

Currently very popular, it is a video format that allows you to present products or services. The animation film uses in principle only graphic animations but it can be reinforced with a voiceover. It’s a very dynamic format, but it has been very short to make an impact.

Throughout your video project, Movie Developers will be at your side to advise you on the best format (s) for your chosen communication objectives and broadcast channels. One of the keys to success is to make short videos with a well-defined subject.

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