5 Lessons For The New Virtual Assistants

In my first six months as a Virtual Assistant I learned some valuable lessons. Today I share the five best ones to be a successful AV:

1. Dedicate A Space For The Office:

For the first week or two, I used my dining room as an impromptu office. But I quickly learned what all experienced AV knows: I needed to dedicate a space to the office.

So I prepared a place in my glassed-in terrace that has a lot of space to spread out, windows that let in the sunlight, a view of the street to see the passers-by and a door to disconnect the distractions. Until now, it’s the perfect office.

2. Be Present:

A great attraction to become AV was the flexibility it offered, so I could have a satisfying job and still be with my family. But the flip side is that work is always just one step away, or email, away.

The key I learned is: set limits, so I can be fully present no matter where I am or what I am doing. When I am fulfilling work schedules I am completely committed to my clients (dedicate a space for the office help!). And when I’m out of time, it’s my time.

3. Lean On Others To Get Help In A New Area Of ‚Äč‚ÄčExpertise:

After four years of being out of a corporate environment, there were many things that I did not know. Some small, some quite large. When I was preparing to become a Virtual Assistant, I did everything possible to educate myself about the latest tools and programs, but there will always be things I do not know.

When a client asks me to do something, in which I am not fully trained, I look for help in my network. I can find a resource online, rely on a co-worker or friend to get help. It’s great to learn a new skill!

4. Choose The Right Customers:

I have been lucky in this area; I have great clients! Looking back, I think it’s because I have a connection with my clients, I respect them and vice versa, and, somehow, I find their businesses attractive.

During interviews with my clients, I knew what they were looking for in an AV, I knew a little about their personalities and I received a general description of their business. I believe that each client is a long-term relationship, so it is important that we have the correct chemistry.

5. Enjoy The Flexibility!

Getting used to this took me a while .. I did not always know when to disconnect work or how to determine if a client’s need was urgent or if I could wait. But six months later, I know myself and my clients much better. I have a schedule, but it is flexible, according to personal obligations and work tasks. And I’m really enjoying everything.

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